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A friend you can count on….

As you know, every week I write a blog so that you can get to know more about who I am and what I stand for. This week, a good friend and supporter wrote down some of his thoughts and wanted to share them with you. Here is what he said:

Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs,  Jeff Bozos,  and Bill Gates, what do all these men have in common? They were visionaries, they had an idea that could make the world better. Think about that for a minute, what if any of these guys would have given up or quit because someone didnt’t like their idea or didn’t think the could do it because they “didn’t have the experience”. What would the world look like today?

From day 1 of his campaign to be the next Tazewell County Sheriff, Mike Eeten has laid out his vision for the Sheriff’s Office. Mike has used 3 key words that describe his vision, those are unity, transparency and leadership.


Transparency- This can be kind of a political buzzword these days but the difference with Mike is he is doing it now. Mike has faithfully wrote a weekly blog telling you about himself and his experience ( He has answered questions openly on his Facebook page, and he has given you the voter his personal cell phone so you have the ability to talk directly to him if you so desire. I believe if Mike was elected sheriff this transparency would continue and the people of Tazewell County would be better informed about what goes on inside the Sheriff’s Office.


Unity and Leadership- these 2 go hand in hand, Mike has said he will bring people together to solve some tough issues facing our county. Again Mike is already doing this. Walking in parades last summer with Mike I met all kinds of people from all walks of life. I walked with businessmen, car salesmen, realtors, addicts, police officers/ corrections officers and the list goes on. All of these people walked with Mike because they feel we need a change in Tazewell County and Mike Eeten has a vision they believe in!

hopedale group

Albert Einstein said it best when he said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

It’s time we stop letting politicians with up to 40 years experience control where we are going. 40 years ago officers ruled with an iron fist and didn’t have to explain to anyone the actions they took or why. Times have changed people like you and me want to know what’s going on and why things were done a certain way. Mike Eeten is an effective communicator who has forged his own way throughout this campaign, no he didn’t receive endorsements from career politicians entrenched in the way we have always done things but what he has received is the support and encouragement from every day people like you and me who want better for our county.

Nate Troyer – Tremont

Early voting has begun!

What are your expectations?

We all have expectations about many different things. When we go to a restaurant we expect that our food will be hot. When you go through the car wash, you expect your car to come out clean, and when you go to work, you expect a paycheck. If any one of these expectations are not met, you most likely will do or say something about it.

So, what do you expect from an elected official? What are the expectations for those that you vote for to put in public office? Like you, I will be voting for the offices open, so this is very important to me. I do not know what your answer is, but here are mine:

Honest: I don’t expect someone who is perfect, just honest with voters and themselves. Someone who does not give the typical politician answer, but a true answer on a topic. Someone who is not afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” instead of just making something up.

Integrity: I don’t want someone to tell me that they have Integrity, I should be able to see it through their words and actions.  Integrity is “consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.” Consistency is being the same no matter what the situation is. Do you know someone who’s moods change from day to day? Maybe they make foolish decisions on those days, and then on other days they are back to “normal”.  I have personally seen this in past work settings where someone says they care about those they lead, but does not listen to ideas, and gets defensive when challenged with different views. Sometimes I have heard it said “we never know which boss is going to show up today.” Integrity is humility and being able to admit mistakes. Having Integrity means there is only one YOU. There is not a separate you depending on whether you are at work, with your family, or out socially.

Transparent: I want to see someone for who they really are. Someone who is willing to put themselves and their family out there for people to see and learn about.

Humble: I want to see someone who is confident in the direction they are going, but humble in their approach and with their interactions with others.

Forward Thinker & Creative:  I want to know about the person who is running for office and their ideas moving forward. I want to see and hear the passion they have for the office they are seeking and how they can make things even better. I want to see that this person is creative and is not stuck doing things the way they have always been done. I want someone who is not afraid to listen and take advice from others with great ideas, and then be able to give them credit.


Leadership: Just because you are or have been a boss does not make you a leader. I am looking for someone who truly has the ability to lead and will have people follow. I want to see someone who’s main goal is to empower others and develop them to be leaders. I expect this person to share their strengths with me instead of trying to bully, demean, or belittle their opponent. I expect this person to demonstrate this leadership to their supporters and create a new way of doing “politics” that builds people up, engages with people so we can work together to get some things accomplished. I expect this person to work as hard as they can, giving it all they have, to show me that they are not just another “politician” with empty promises.

The election is just over 2 weeks away! (March 20th) I first announced my run for Sheriff in December of 2016. Since then, my wife Courtney and I have been in every town and city in this county sharing why I am running for this office. I have been writing this blog for a year now with the goal of showing you a little more of who I am. This idea was not mine. It was the idea of a campaign volunteer named Brandon. Many of the ideas that we have used in our campaign are ideas that came from volunteers within our campaign committee. This campaign is a grass roots effort that would not be this far without the amazing help and encouragement of my supporters.

If elected to be the next Sheriff, we will continue to operate in this manner. Bringing people together to help tackle issues facing our county together. I  ask for your vote on March 20th. If you are not registered, or would like to vote early, you can go to the County Clerk’s Office in the McKenzie building in Pekin. (11 S. 4th St.) You will be able to register and will need to bring two forms of ID with one of them having your current address. Once you are registered, you can vote right away. This process is quick, and your vote will go a long way.

Thank you for your support and for believing in me! I promise to work hard for you!


Mike Eeten


Early voting has begun!



Inspire, Believe, Faith

Hello Readers,

It’s Courtney (Mike’s wife) again.

Inspire, believe and faith are three of my favorite words and they have helped guide me through this campaign.  I see in Mike, a man who has inspired me and he has inspired you, a man who I believe in, a man who believes in us, a man of faith, who has faith in me and in you.

I believe the world needs more men, more people, like my husband, who spend their time trying to build others up instead of tearing them down. This campaign has really shown me just the type of person Mike is, in the face of fear and discouragement, of joy and excitement, through the highs and the lows, he is always smiling, he’s positive and encouraging.  Not just to me but to our family and friends and citizens in the community.
He is honest and a man of integrity and it is shown everyday through his actions and behavior.  The Mike and Courtney you have met or read about on this blog and/or Facebook are people just like you, everyday people who struggle some days, who aren’t perfect but who are willing to stand up together to help make a difference in the community we live.


I believe that Mike has the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, vision and passion to move the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office forward. And I would be delighted to share him with you, the citizens he would serve, as our next Sheriff.

Friends/blog readers/voters – let’s do this together! Let us voice our need for change and for a different and positive direction in the county.  Your vote matters and will help bring the positive change this office needs.

I ask that you please join me on March 20th and vote for my husband and your friend, to be your next Tazewell County Sheriff!




Why I care…

As you can imagine, jumping into politics is not easy on anyone, especially when you have a young family as I do. The truth is, people who are threatened or fear that they are losing control, will attack you with anything and everything even if it is not true.  Some people have asked me why in the world I would jump in and run for an office knowing how unkind people can be. The answer is I believe that God has called me to this time and place for a very specific reason.

What does that mean? It means taking a stand for what I believe in. It means standing for what is right. It means being unashamed of who I am and what I believe, no matter who attacks me, or tries to intimidate me. I’m sure you can imagine how much advice I have been given since I started this campaign. I have heard advice about yard signs, mailers, and even was told not to talk too much about God because that could turn people away.  I have a strong faith in God which leads and guides me. I am human, I am not perfect, or without sin. I am a man who acknowledges that I need God’s guidance and direction daily.  The same God who guides me is the same God who has taught me compassion for others as a Police Officer.  You see, my faith in God has shown me that I can accept ALL people no matter their beliefs or backgrounds. I have learned to see the person addicted to drugs as not another person who made a bad choice and now has to just deal with it. I see a real life, I see that person as someone’s son, daughter, or grandchild. I have learned to see the person who was arrested for a felony not just as another bad guy, but a life that can be changed and someone who can contribute to our community. I have learned to stop labeling and limiting lives based on limited knowledge.

I am not here to force my beliefs about my faith on you. Truth is, we all need to stand for what we believe in and learn to respect others for it. From day one, I have shared my vision of Transparency, Unity, and Leadership. I have promised my family, friends, and supporters that I will not engage in dirty or underhanded politics in any way. I stand by the promise as we are just a few weeks away from the election. I have taught my boys to pray for those who try to hurt us, and to never lose sight of what you believe in and stand for.

I ask for your vote. Primary elections usually have very poor turnouts. I am asking for your help and your vote to become the next Tazewell County Sheriff. Please vote on March 20th, or you can vote early now. I have listed the information below.

Thank you for believing in me! I have been working hard to be your Sheriff, and that will certainly not change if elected.


Early voting has begun!

Your right to vote…

I recently had a conversation with someone who asked “Why should I vote? It is not like my vote matters anyway.” I could see why someone might feel that way, but it simply is not true. Every vote matters especially in a local election. One of the greatest and most rewarding rights that we have as a citizen of the United States, is the right to vote for our elected officials. I think of a recent Peoria city council race last year that decided the winner by one single vote!

As you may or may not know, I have an opponent in the March 20th primary election. Primary’s are difficult elections because the voter turnout is typically very low. This means that it is even more important to get people out to vote. In addition to the race for Sheriff, you will be voting for Coroner, County Clerk, as well as some county board positions. One item on the ballot that many do not know about is the referendum to raise the county portion of your property taxes 30%.

We have been working very hard the past year to meet people all across this county, and share my vision with them about the future of the Sheriff’s Office. If I am elected, my hard work will not stop. I am committed to bringing Transparency, Unity, and Leadership to the Sheriff’s Office and I need your help to do it! I really NEED you to come out and vote on March 20th. Will you help by going to the polls and casting your vote for me? I really appreciate your support and for believing in me to be your next Sheriff.

Early voting has begun in the county. You can go to the McKenzie building located at 11 S. 4th street, suite 203 in Pekin and cast your vote early. The following are the hours for early voting at the County Clerk’s office:

Weekdays: Monday through Friday –

Feb. 8th through March 9th   8:30am-5:00pm

March 12th through March 19th  8:30am -7:00pm


Weekends:  Saturday and Sunday –

Saturday, March 10th  9:00am to 12:00 noon

Sunday, March 11th 10:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday, March 17th  9:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday, March 18th  9:00am to 4:00pm


There will also be temporary sites set up for your convenience as well. They are:

Monday, Feb. 26th  7:00am-10:00am  &  4:00pm-7:00pm at the Delavan Township, 212 Locust St. in Delavan

Tuesday, Feb. 27th  7:00am-10:00am & 4:00pm-7:00pm at the Hopedale Village Hall, 101 S E Main St. in Hopedale

Wednesday, Feb. 28th  7:00am-10:00am  &  4:00pm-7:00pm at the Tremont Village Hall, 211 S. Sampson St. in Tremont


Friday, March 2nd  7:00am-10:00am   & 4:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd and 4th from 9:00am-3:00pm at the following locations:

Morton Township  300 W. Jefferson St.  Morton

Washington Township:  58 Valley Forge Rd.  Washington

Folepi’s Market Place:  2200 E. Washington St.   East Peoria


***If you are not registered to vote, you can do so the same day you vote. You will need two forms of ID with at least one showing your current residence address. ***

See you at the polls!



The big game…

It goes without saying that today is the big Superbowl game. As the teams prepare for the game, I think about what must be going through the players minds as they prepare for the big game.

In past years, we read headlines about the Patriots being fined 1 million dollars, and the suspension of a player for knowledge about deflated footballs. The question became: was this done to gain an upper hand on their opponent? I have had many talks with my young sons about this topic. I have always taught them to work hard and do their best, and to never give up their core values or beliefs just to try and get ahead or to win the game. The boys have experienced this first hand in the game of politics. My impressionable sons are watching how I react and respond to people who do not always play by the rules, and can even say some really mean things. I have explained to the boys that at the end of this campaign, we will win not by the number of ballots counted, but by the Integrity and our attitude that is still in place. My commitment to run a clean campaign is still in place and will not be compromised to try and give me any added advantage. We will fight for what we believe in, and we will do it with respect and Integrity.

I ask for your vote on March 20th! Thank you for your support and for believing in me!


Danger lies ahead…

When I first considered running for Sheriff, I had a big choice to make. At the time, I signed up to take a promotional exam at the Police Department while I was deeply involved in my position as the Public Information Officer and Crimestoppers coordinator. I was not really sure if this was the direction I wanted to go as I had some goals I wanted to accomplish as the information and public relations officer for the department. In addition, I was seriously considering a run for Sheriff. At the same time, I was offered a position out of state working for the Director of Public Safety who oversaw 12 agencies within the state including the highway patrol, department of corrections, the state fire marshal’s office. This was a tremendous opportunity, and it was a decision that I contemplated for weeks. I decided not to pursue the promotion exam with Pekin. I decided not to withdraw my name from the list, but did not prepare to move forward. I did place on the list regardless of no preparation. I knew that my calling was to run for Sheriff, but this other out of state opportunity really tempted me. After much thought, I knew without a doubt that I would run for Sheriff.

Through my 16 years as a business owner, I have led employees, managed budgets, and negotiated hundreds of contracts. Even though I have the qualifications and the experience to run the Sheriff’s Office, I feel like I have something even more important that I have stated from the first day…Vision.

Edward John Smith was the Captain of the Titanic. Edward had 43 years of experience at sea, and 26 of those years travelling the North Atlantic route. As you know, the Titanic struck an Iceberg and caused the ship to sink. Edward had experience, but the lack of vision to see what was ahead led to a catastrophic failure. Five years before the Titanic accident, Edward John Smith said: “In all my experience, I have never been in any accident of any sort worth speaking about. I never saw a wreck and never have been wrecked, nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort.” Perhaps his overconfidence with experience led to his lack of caution and vision.


I can tell you stories all day about my experience with business, travelling, contracts, and employees, but those things are in the past. While experience is important, for us to change and move in to the future, my vision for the Sheriff’s Office is most important. I believe in Transparency which is what I provided as the Public Information Officer, and it is what I am doing with this blog.  I believe in Unity because we can not be successful without the ability to be united. This is another reason why I am running a clean campaign. I certainly can not lead and unite people if I tear others down just so I can win this election. Leadership is the final point and is something that we need on many levels. There are so many talented men and women within the Sheriff’s Office with and without any rank who I consider leaders. I want to empower these men and women to bring ideas, excitement, and their own passion to this Office. You see, this election is really not about me, it is about changing the way we do Law Enforcement, the way that we develop new leaders, and the way that we engage with the public.

I am passionate about being your next Sheriff! I have the qualifications and the experience, but more importantly the vision to move us forward! Thank you for reading this blog, for your support, and for believing in me!