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What are your expectations?

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We all have expectations about many different things. When we go to a restaurant we expect that our food will be hot. When you go through the car wash, you expect your car to come out clean, and when you go to work, you expect a paycheck. If any one of these expectations are not met, you most likely will do or say something about it.

So, what do you expect from an elected official? What are the expectations for those that you vote for to put in public office? Like you, I will be voting for the offices open, so this is very important to me. I do not know what your answer is, but here are mine:

Honest: I don’t expect someone who is perfect, just honest with voters and themselves. Someone who does not give the typical politician answer, but a true answer on a topic. Someone who is not afraid to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” instead of just making something up.

Integrity: I don’t want someone to tell me that they have Integrity, I should be able to see it through their words and actions.  Integrity is “consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.” Consistency is being the same no matter what the situation is. Do you know someone who’s moods change from day to day? Maybe they make foolish decisions on those days, and then on other days they are back to “normal”.  I have personally seen this in past work settings where someone says they care about those they lead, but does not listen to ideas, and gets defensive when challenged with different views. Sometimes I have heard it said “we never know which boss is going to show up today.” Integrity is humility and being able to admit mistakes. Having Integrity means there is only one YOU. There is not a separate you depending on whether you are at work, with your family, or out socially.

Transparent: I want to see someone for who they really are. Someone who is willing to put themselves and their family out there for people to see and learn about.

Humble: I want to see someone who is confident in the direction they are going, but humble in their approach and with their interactions with others.

Forward Thinker & Creative:  I want to know about the person who is running for office and their ideas moving forward. I want to see and hear the passion they have for the office they are seeking and how they can make things even better. I want to see that this person is creative and is not stuck doing things the way they have always been done. I want someone who is not afraid to listen and take advice from others with great ideas, and then be able to give them credit.


Leadership: Just because you are or have been a boss does not make you a leader. I am looking for someone who truly has the ability to lead and will have people follow. I want to see someone who’s main goal is to empower others and develop them to be leaders. I expect this person to share their strengths with me instead of trying to bully, demean, or belittle their opponent. I expect this person to demonstrate this leadership to their supporters and create a new way of doing “politics” that builds people up, engages with people so we can work together to get some things accomplished. I expect this person to work as hard as they can, giving it all they have, to show me that they are not just another “politician” with empty promises.

The election is just over 2 weeks away! (March 20th) I first announced my run for Sheriff in December of 2016. Since then, my wife Courtney and I have been in every town and city in this county sharing why I am running for this office. I have been writing this blog for a year now with the goal of showing you a little more of who I am. This idea was not mine. It was the idea of a campaign volunteer named Brandon. Many of the ideas that we have used in our campaign are ideas that came from volunteers within our campaign committee. This campaign is a grass roots effort that would not be this far without the amazing help and encouragement of my supporters.

If elected to be the next Sheriff, we will continue to operate in this manner. Bringing people together to help tackle issues facing our county together. I  ask for your vote on March 20th. If you are not registered, or would like to vote early, you can go to the County Clerk’s Office in the McKenzie building in Pekin. (11 S. 4th St.) You will be able to register and will need to bring two forms of ID with one of them having your current address. Once you are registered, you can vote right away. This process is quick, and your vote will go a long way.

Thank you for your support and for believing in me! I promise to work hard for you!


Mike Eeten


Early voting has begun!



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