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Inspire, Believe, Faith

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Hello Readers,

It’s Courtney (Mike’s wife) again.

Inspire, believe and faith are three of my favorite words and they have helped guide me through this campaign.  I see in Mike, a man who has inspired me and he has inspired you, a man who I believe in, a man who believes in us, a man of faith, who has faith in me and in you.

I believe the world needs more men, more people, like my husband, who spend their time trying to build others up instead of tearing them down. This campaign has really shown me just the type of person Mike is, in the face of fear and discouragement, of joy and excitement, through the highs and the lows, he is always smiling, he’s positive and encouraging.  Not just to me but to our family and friends and citizens in the community.
He is honest and a man of integrity and it is shown everyday through his actions and behavior.  The Mike and Courtney you have met or read about on this blog and/or Facebook are people just like you, everyday people who struggle some days, who aren’t perfect but who are willing to stand up together to help make a difference in the community we live.


I believe that Mike has the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, vision and passion to move the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office forward. And I would be delighted to share him with you, the citizens he would serve, as our next Sheriff.

Friends/blog readers/voters – let’s do this together! Let us voice our need for change and for a different and positive direction in the county.  Your vote matters and will help bring the positive change this office needs.

I ask that you please join me on March 20th and vote for my husband and your friend, to be your next Tazewell County Sheriff!




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