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As you can imagine, jumping into politics is not easy on anyone, especially when you have a young family as I do. The truth is, people who are threatened or fear that they are losing control, will attack you with anything and everything even if it is not true.  Some people have asked me why in the world I would jump in and run for an office knowing how unkind people can be. The answer is I believe that God has called me to this time and place for a very specific reason.

What does that mean? It means taking a stand for what I believe in. It means standing for what is right. It means being unashamed of who I am and what I believe, no matter who attacks me, or tries to intimidate me. I’m sure you can imagine how much advice I have been given since I started this campaign. I have heard advice about yard signs, mailers, and even was told not to talk too much about God because that could turn people away.  I have a strong faith in God which leads and guides me. I am human, I am not perfect, or without sin. I am a man who acknowledges that I need God’s guidance and direction daily.  The same God who guides me is the same God who has taught me compassion for others as a Police Officer.  You see, my faith in God has shown me that I can accept ALL people no matter their beliefs or backgrounds. I have learned to see the person addicted to drugs as not another person who made a bad choice and now has to just deal with it. I see a real life, I see that person as someone’s son, daughter, or grandchild. I have learned to see the person who was arrested for a felony not just as another bad guy, but a life that can be changed and someone who can contribute to our community. I have learned to stop labeling and limiting lives based on limited knowledge.

I am not here to force my beliefs about my faith on you. Truth is, we all need to stand for what we believe in and learn to respect others for it. From day one, I have shared my vision of Transparency, Unity, and Leadership. I have promised my family, friends, and supporters that I will not engage in dirty or underhanded politics in any way. I stand by the promise as we are just a few weeks away from the election. I have taught my boys to pray for those who try to hurt us, and to never lose sight of what you believe in and stand for.

I ask for your vote. Primary elections usually have very poor turnouts. I am asking for your help and your vote to become the next Tazewell County Sheriff. Please vote on March 20th, or you can vote early now. I have listed the information below.

Thank you for believing in me! I have been working hard to be your Sheriff, and that will certainly not change if elected.


Early voting has begun!

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