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The big game…

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It goes without saying that today is the big Superbowl game. As the teams prepare for the game, I think about what must be going through the players minds as they prepare for the big game.

In past years, we read headlines about the Patriots being fined 1 million dollars, and the suspension of a player for knowledge about deflated footballs. The question became: was this done to gain an upper hand on their opponent? I have had many talks with my young sons about this topic. I have always taught them to work hard and do their best, and to never give up their core values or beliefs just to try and get ahead or to win the game. The boys have experienced this first hand in the game of politics. My impressionable sons are watching how I react and respond to people who do not always play by the rules, and can even say some really mean things. I have explained to the boys that at the end of this campaign, we will win not by the number of ballots counted, but by the Integrity and our attitude that is still in place. My commitment to run a clean campaign is still in place and will not be compromised to try and give me any added advantage. We will fight for what we believe in, and we will do it with respect and Integrity.

I ask for your vote on March 20th! Thank you for your support and for believing in me!


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  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you,Mike. I appreciate this message to all. Only God knows what will happen. Thanks for taking the high road. Blessings, Joyce

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