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What’s your title?

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I have had many titles over the years from President, to radio announcer, to Officer, and many in between. I have never been big on titles because they describe a position and not the person. You see, someone could have the title of father, but be abusive, mean, and destructive to a child’s life. A Police Officer could have the title, but abuse their power and authority causing pain, divisions, and mistrust.

Who are we without the title or position? When you peel away all of the layers, what is exposed? For the past year, I have been writing this blog so that you can see more about who I am at my core. What makes me tick? What fuels my passion to become the Sheriff? What do I believe?

For some, the lack of a “title” or “position” makes them think that they are not important, or that their opinion and ideas do not matter. This happens when they work for a boss instead of a leader. As a business owner, I interviewed a guy for a job who was extremely qualified, very educated,  and seemed to check all the boxes for a new hire. One problem, he was rude and very arrogant when he came in and spoke with my receptionist. He talked down to her like she was less of an employee than he would be. When I asked him about that incident, he responded by saying, “She is just the secretary”. Needless to say, he was not hired. My receptionist often times suggested ideas we would implement, and she would provide a different perspective which I always welcomed. None of the people I worked with were ever “just” a title to me. They were the life of the company, full of ideas, and were leaders.

Don’t get caught up in titles, be you! Express your ideas, be creative, dream big, and never give up! You do not need to have an important sounding title to be a leader. Simon Sinek once said “A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead.”


As the Sheriff, I will empower our staff regardless of their position or title, to bring ideas that will change the way we do things in the Sheriff’s Office.

When you leave this earth, your tombstone will not list your title, only your name. Let you name tell the story of who you are.


Mike Eeten




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