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We make decisions every day in our lives. We make obvious decisions like what or where to eat,  what to wear, and then there are bigger decisions like buying houses and vehicles. As Americans, we are blessed to be able make a decision and vote for our elected officials.  It really is one of the most important responsibilities that we have, and yet there are few that exercise that right.

This election will be a primary, but it will most likely decide who the Sheriff will be. At this time, I have a challenger and he is running on the same Republican ticket that I am, and there is no Democrat challenger. So, that means that March 20th will be a very important day for us! In some past primary elections, we have had as little as a few thousand come out and vote in a county of 136,000 plus. Did you know that on the March 20th ballot there will be a chance for you to also vote whether or not the county will raise their portion of your real estate tax by 30%? This election also has Coroner, County Clerk and County Board positions on the ballot.

I want to encourage you to mark March 20th on your calendar! It is very important that the citizens of Tazewell County come out and vote. Over the past year, we have been working very hard getting our message out to Tazewell County. The office of the Sheriff belongs to the people. The next Sheriff must work for and with the people of this county to bring fiscal responsibility, Transparency, Unity, and Leadership. I am passionate about being your next Sheriff, and will work hard to always do the right thing, lead with a vision, and always protect the citizens of this county. I am qualified and have the experience to be your next Sheriff. I ask for your vote on March 20th!

Thank you for your support and for believing in me!


Mike Eeten

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