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Campaigning for a year!

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It is hard to believe that a year ago yesterday (December 16th) I announced my run for Tazewell County Sheriff. What a year it has been! I will never forget all of the meetings, talks, and research leading up to the day I announced. I have always enjoyed speaking in front of people and to groups, but the day I stood up at the podium to announce was so different. For many years I stood in front of news cameras talking about crime, or some issue that we were facing in the Law Enforcement world. This day was much different because it was about me! This has been very hard to get use to!

Mike & Courtney

I must admit that I was nervous, and I knew that for the next year and 3 months, our lives would be very busy. For me, I am not backed by a political machine or the “institution”. My support comes from everyday real people like you who believe in me! I have said many times that I am not a politician. So many “politicians” get a little to comfortable and honestly forget that their office belongs to the people and is not theirs. Many times our elected officials quit working for the people and lose focus. From day one I have talked about my vision for the Sheriff’s Office, and my desire to bring people together to tackle some major issues facing our county. I have worked extremely hard this past year, and will not slow down once elected.

I must say, this last year I have met some wonderful people, developed some amazing friendships, and at times am overwhelmed at the support from people I do not know, who believe in me! I am not running for Sheriff because I believe that I am better than anyone else. I have a tremendous passion and vision for this Office and the men and women who currently serve in every capacity at the Sheriff’s Office. I am excited to not only bring a fresh vision to the Office, but to bring a fresh perspective and leadership to move us forward!

It is hard to believe that we are moving into the final couple of months until the election. The election will be a primary which will be held on March 20th. Typically, there is a low voter turn out for primary elections. Would you put March 20th on your calendar and vote for me? I believe that we can change the way “politics” are done in Tazewell County, and move our Sheriff’s Office forward. We can not keep doing things the way we have been for the past 40 years. It is time for a change and I ask for your vote!

Thank you for reading my blog, your support, and for believing in me! I appreciate you greatly!


Mike Eeten


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  1. Kay L Miars says:

    I entered on my calendar: March 20th. And I’m excited to be voting for a young man with a fresh focus on our county’s law enforcement.


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