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Who is Mike? Thoughts from a friend…

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This week, a good friend wanted to share some of his thoughts. I did not ask him to write this, but I appreciate the time and thought he put in to his comments. This week, a friends perspective:

Why Mike Eeten for Sheriff?

This is a question I have been asked numerous times over the past year so I thought I would take some time to write it out so everyone knows why I am so enthusiastic about Mike’s run for sheriff and why I absolutely think Mike is the best man for the job.

Let’s first talk about who Mike is as a person because that is the foundation on which everything else is built. I have known Mike for about 15 years throughout those years I have know Mike as a friend, co-worker, a business owner, and a great dad to his 3 boys. I have known Mike to be caring and compassionate to everyone he meets even though sometimes I questioned why he would be so nice to people who tried to tear him down. Mike would just smile and say, “Maybe they are just having a bad day.”

Mike as a co-worker: When Chief Dodwell was hired in 2006 by the Tremont Village Board, he was hired because our department was in desperate need of new leadership and change. Mike Eeten was 1 of the first part time officers we hired to help change the image of our department. As a co-worker, Mike has always been the guy you could count on to do what was right even if it meant going against what the majority thought should be done.

Mike as a leader: First of all lets define a leader. Simon Sinek one of the greatest motivational speakers says “There are leaders and those who lead: leaders hold a position of power or authority over us but those who lead inspire us.” As a person who has known Mike for the past 15 years as a friend, co-worker, and a business owner, I can tell you without a doubt Mike falls into the person who leads because he inspires. Mike was a business owner for 16 years before he decided to follow his passion to be in law enforcement. During his time as a business owner, Mike was responsible for managing day to day operations, negotiating union contracts and budgeting.

There is one final piece of Mike’s leadership I would like to point out before I close. When Mike came to me in December of 2016 and told me he intended to run for sheriff I was taken back, not because I didn’t think Mike would make a great sheriff but because I knew that was a big task ahead of him. I asked Mike if he knew what he was doing. Mike assured me he had thought about it in detail meeting with various business people and groups to gain support. Mike also showed me his website, Facebook page and business cards he already had ready for his announcement later that week. Mike then told me “I didn’t just wake up this morning and decide I wanted to run for sheriff.” Later on that week Mike made the public announcement that he intended to run for Tazewell County Sheriff. Mike didn’t wait for someone to “give him permission” or “decide if they were going to run.” Mike Eeten knew there was a need for a change in leadership at the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office and he stood up and said “send me”. That’s a leader.

Mike & Courtney

In closing I will say I have traveled all over Tazewell County with Mike meeting people from all walks of life but the story I remember the most was at the Hopedale 4th of July Parade. Mike was shaking hands along the parade route and came up to a man who asked Mike if he was a Democrat or Republican. Mike told him he was a Republican and the man refused to shake his hand. Mike being Mike responded in the calmest voice and said “That’s ok, sir. I’ll still be a good sheriff for you, too!” You see that’s what we need. Someone who will work hard for someone even though they may not be in the same party or have the same beliefs as we do! With that being said I ask that you would join me in supporting and voting for Mike Eeten in the Republican primary on March 20th 2018 to be the next Tazewell County Sheriff.

Nate Troyer



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