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My boys and their thoughts…

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I have always been very protective of my three young boys through this campaign. I have made a point not to plaster them all over social media in order to protect them from the nasty side of politics. However, they have been asking to write something, so this week my blog is from them. My boys have enjoyed being in parades, going to campaign meetings, and coming up with ideas to try and help their dad. My middle son Isaiah (11) loves to do stand up comedy and wants to do a stand up act to raise money for his dad’s campaign. They always want to be involved so this week, they wrote their thoughts unprompted or unscripted so that you can hear their thoughts about their dad running for Sheriff.

Seth (age 13):

“I love my dad because he supports us and loves us. We have lots of fun together and we usually watch AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos) and play skylanders together. He would be a perfect Sheriff because he puts others in front of him. He always is kind and has a smile on his face. We had lots of fun together in the parades. I remember we got our new house we live in right now and spend time together and still do. He supports me when I run cross country. I also got a great time of 13:41. One of the meets I remember we brought the dogs and dad cheered me on at that meet. I got 14:30 and improved by a minute and 10 seconds at my final meet this year. Our dad is so funny and makes us laugh. Cutting down our Christmas tree was fun and decorating too. I also love Courtney and she is so kind and loving. We run together and is so fun. I want my dad to be Sheriff because he loves people, puts others in front of him, and never gives up.”

Isaiah (Age 11):

“My name is Isaiah Eeten, and I am Mike Eeten’s son. I am a stand-up comedian, and I play the baritone and love to spend time with my dad. It was a cold December when I learned that my dad was running for sheriff. December had always been an exciting time for me, because of my birthday and Christmas, and now it was even more exciting. I’ve been in lots of parades with my dad, and I think it’s fun to go with him and pass out candy. I like to play video games with my dad, and I also like to have late-night parties with him. I think he would be a great sheriff, because he is a great dad!”

Jonah: (Age 10):

“It was December of 2016, that was when I figured out that my Dad was running for sheriff.  My name is Jonah Eeten, I am in fifth grade, I have had a lot of fun walking in parades and supporting my Dad.  I love our dogs and all of our family. Me, my two brothers, daddy and Courtney have a fun time doing things and if my dad is sheriff, we can do more! I love going and helping dad with his campaign.

I like to go to the court house with Courtney. And near there is where the sheriff works. And that means if daddy were there then I could say hi and have fun there too.

Another fun thing is to play Skylanders with him. When he is sheriff, we can have more fun with him playing with him. My dad is very cool and I think he is awesome. He is proud of me, so I am proud of him.”

I am so proud of these three boys. I must admit I am not at all good at video games mainly because there are too many buttons and it makes me dizzy. However, the time I have with them is priceless. This campaign has been an opportunity for me to share with them how to work hard, fight for what you believe in, but also be kind, compassionate, and always do the right thing. We have learned to pray for my opponent and pray that God would bless our campaign.  I am certainly not perfect or without faults,  but I believe that my job as a father is to encourage, teach, and love my children and encourage them to love God, people, and their Country. My prayer for my kids is that they will grow up with these strong values, and will commit their lives to serving others.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog each week. I am overwhelmed by the support that I have received since I started this campaign. Thank you for your support and for believing in me!





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