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The Dark Closet

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As a small child, I remember one room in the house that really scared me. It was a dark closet which actually contained Christmas decorations and it was rarely opened. When it was opened it was very dark and there were always spiders and large monsters lurking, just waiting to eat me whole. I knew this because my active imagination heard the monster growl and the wall would shake. For some reason when my dad would go in and get the Christmas decorations, they never ate him. I figured they were afraid of my dad and left him alone. For most of the year that door was never opened and many times was even blocked by furniture. As I grew older, I became more brave and decided to shine a light inside that dark closet and much to my surprise, there were no monsters, or even a spider that I could find.

closet monster

I always viewed politics as that dark closet. There were things in there that I knew were not right, pleasant, or even legal in some cases.  There were things that took place that I never cared to know about. Just the crack that I could look through was enough to keep me away. As I have became involved in “politics” I have stepped in to that room, and I have turned on the brightest light that I can. I believe that there is a lot that needs changed in many places in Government. I have a choice to ignore the problem and stay away, or I can shine a light and make positive changes with the help of great people in this county. I am not saying that all is gloom and doom and bad, but it is time to clean out the closet. We need to look ahead to where we want to go.

From day one I have talked about Vision. We can not keep doing things the way they have been done for the past 40 years. Law Enforcement is changing rapidly, and we must change with it, develop new ideas for engaging with the public and strengthening relationships inside between the administration and unions, and outside the Sheriff’s Office as well. We need to act and not just talk about the Heroin epidemic that is killing so many in our county. This has been something that I have been working on far before my run for this office.

Experience is what we know now and where we have been. A vision takes us where we need to go. As a former business owner, one thing that I always knew for sure was that we always needed to think about tomorrow even if today was going well. We needed a strategic plan, a road map, or a vision for where were wanted to go so we could be successful and grow.

Experience (1).png

We have some amazing deputies, corrections officers, control room operators, and support staff who are very good at what they do. I am excited to bring a vision to the office that will allow our staff to not only enjoy coming to work, but be able to help the Office by being allowed to be creative and develop their gifts and abilities. I am a forward thinker who is very good at bringing people together. I am passionate about being your next Sheriff, and I am ready to hit the ground running. Once elected, it will not be business as usual, we will work hard to meet our new objectives, to follow our strategic plan, and to take the Sheriff’s Office to a new level.

Thank you for believing in me and for your support! If you would like to hear more, we invite you to our Steak Fry next weekend (Saturday, October 14th) at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Morton. Tickets are $30 and must be purchased in advance. You can buy them at www.eetenforsheriff.fund.


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    Words of wisdom from a servant-leader, not a politician.



    You won’t be able to make that change by yourself, I hope you are building strong coalitions within the department and community. Leadership is convincing others, especially those with influence, to go with you no matter what the consequences/difficulties ahead may be. Who are those influential members of the department and community who plan on supporting the changes you intend to make? What are the top 3 changes you see as being necessary to move the department into the 21st century? Thank you.


    • Hi Donald, thank you for taking the time to message me. You are correct. I can not make these changes alone! I have been meeting with union members, business leaders, local department leaders, and some county board members. I have a lot of support and cooperation and many do see the need for a change. The first change is to work at improving strained relationships within the department. This is evident through lack of communication by the Administration. There is currently a Federal Civil rights lawsuit against the Administration by the Corrections union. This is just one example of the work that needs done to bring the two sides together. Another issue is working on Transparency in the department. Many departments make the mistake of trying to keep information to themselves. In the meantime, people take to social media spreading their “account” of what happened causing serious damage to an investigation and the public image of the department even if that information is false. We can’t be afraid to get information out there. With that being said, there are certain details that can not and should not be released that would seriously jeopardize the prosecution, but there is a lot that can be said to ease the public. This is a fine balance, and I have a great amount of training as a Public Information Officer to know how to get the correct information out without saying too much.

      The third thing we need to improve is our lack of technology. Most departments in our county have had in car camera systems for many years. The Sheriff’s Office at last count had around 7 cameras in cars out of 30+ patrol cars. This is not to spy on Officers, this is to protect them. I could not imagine doing my job at this point without one. There are so many false accusations and that camera many times clears many false accusations.

      These are just a handful of things that we need to focus on, but I am committed to taking this Office forward and I appreciate you taking the time to message me. I welcome your questions or comments anytime. Also, if you have not checked out our website, stop by at http://www.eetenforsheriff.com.



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