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People who influence us…

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I have always looked up to a man over the years who has been in law enforcement for many many years. His name is Ty Delaware. From the time I was a young Police Explorer, I would ride with Ty who was a Sergeant with the North Pekin Police Department. I am sure that Ty had better things to do many nights than hang out with a teenager with a thousand questions. Ty was always so good to me and I would look forward to riding with Ty for days in advance.


I have always respected Ty because of his calm and fair demeanor, his willingness to always help and listen to people who needed him, and of course his sense of humor. Ty worked many hard and long hours to provide for his family, and many times would work 16+ hours a day most days of the week. One night I remember Ty being so tired and he parked his car to run radar. He gave me the controls and said “let me know when we get one!” In the middle of the sentence, he dozed off. Well, a few moments later a car ran a stop sign and I yelled “Ty! We have one!” Without missing a beat, he put the car in drive and punched the accelerator and we were in pursuit. I flipped on the lights and we passed cars to catch up. Ty said  which one is it? I said “The one you just passed!” We had so many good laughs. Ty was and is a real guy. He does not admit to be perfect or have all the answers, but he was a tremendous example to me of what a good cop looks like. Ty has always stood for what is right, is very honest, and a great man of Integrity. Ty has had a couple “close calls” which could have been life threatening to him. Through all of his personal struggles, Ty has always had a smile, and has been very positive.

I am so thankful for my friendship with this man. Now that I am running for Sheriff, it once again meant the world to me to have him give me a huge hug and tell me that he believes in me and is proud of me.

We all have the ability to be a great influence on someone, to be a great encouragement, and truly make a difference in someone’s life even if we don’t know it. We have one chance to live it well. It is easy to be negative or complain, but what are you going to do today to make a positive difference in someone’s life??


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