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Support from my sons…

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As you know if you have read much about me, I have 3 boys ages 10,11, & 12. The boys have walked in the parades, attended campaign meetings with us, and have even helped set up our float. September has been a very busy month with 4 festivals which means 4 parades in the last 3 weeks. My sons, Seth, Isaiah, and Jonah have been troopers through this with long days and long walks in the parades.

My middle son Isaiah (11) told me that he wrote a story about me running for Sheriff at his school and was so proud to talk about how hard his dad was working to become the Sheriff so he could do even more for people. Then my son Seth (12) came up to Courtney and I and told me that he has decided what he was going to do with his birthday money from his upcoming birthday in October. Seth told us that he wanted to donate all of his birthday money to our campaign so I can win and be the Sheriff. I was so taken back that my 12 year old son would want to do something like that. He told me that he believes in me and knows that I would make a great Sheriff.

As I choked back the tears, I did not know what to say this this sweet boy who would say this to me. As a father, this is what I want my boys to become. I want them to be able to think beyond themselves and take care of other people. I just never expected him to want to do that for me.

I am humbled by the support of my children, family, and friends. Thank you to everyone who waved at us, sent us messages, or came out to meet us.  I am proud to be a candidate for Sheriff, and I will always work hard for you. Thank you for believing in me!







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