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I never thought I would run for a public office. I do not consider myself a “politician” and I certainly do not like the drama, the name calling, dirty politics, and mud slinging that comes with it. I have made a promise which I will keep, not to attack my opponent, name call, or play games with other peoples lives.

What has happened to us as Americans? We have become a society that will walk on anyone to get ahead. We see family members walk all over their own family. We see politicians try to hang on to control and will do anything to keep that power and control even if it is wrong or even illegal. We see political battles between the left and the right and we see heated arguments about politics like we have never seen before. We see this hate being spread and as Police Officers we have become targets. Many Officers are losing their lives for standing for what is right and good. As Americans, we have always stood together! We could always stand next to someone that we did not necessarily agree with in Unity as fellow Americans, however that seems to be changing.  I love this nation and I am proud to be an American, but I am sad by what I see right now. I have the choice to sit back and complain, or I can stand and do my part in my community to do something good.

I became a Police Officer to do good, to protect, encourage, serve, and because I care. I did not answer this calling to abuse my authority, to put others down, or to try and destroy others. I decided to run for Sheriff because I truly believe in the men and women who serve the citizens in our county at the Sheriff’s Office. This campaign is not about getting me a new job. This is about a team of people working together to make a change that will benefit our county and those working for the Sheriff’s Office. I am passionate about our vision for the future, and I am not going to back down, slow down, or give up.

This campaign has not been easy for my family, but I am doing what I am called to do and what I believe is right. I will tell you, Courtney and I are having so much fun meeting people throughout this county. We are encouraged by the support and love we have received so far. I don’t claim to know everything or have all of the answers. However, I do have the knowledge and experience to lead, encourage, and equip people to be the very best they can be, and that will bring us great success!


As you can imagine, it takes a lot of financial resources to run a county wide campaign. We have been doing fundraisers throughout the year to raise money. We have a fun one coming up if you are interested in coming out and joining us for a fun evening. Please RSVP so we can save you a spot! I am excited to jump in and try my hand at painting. However, there is a good possibility that my art will be classified as “abstract”.  🙂

Paint & Sip Facebook

Thank you for believing in me and for your support! If you have any questions, I am always accessible by emailing me at eetenforsheriff@gmail.com, or you can call or text me at 309.603.1065.


Mike Eeten






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