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Busy but fun weekend!

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This weekend was a busy one for many and we were certainly no exception! I was asked to emcee the cardboard boat regatta at the Pekin Boat Club. I must say that this is the first time that I ever was an emcee for cardboard boat races and it was fun day! Several teams worked hard to create an attractive looking boat, and of course the most important detail is whether it could float or at least survive the race!

We did have a couple boats sink, but for the most part they held up really well. We had one make it 28 seconds before it was no longer visible. After the boat races, there was a cookout and all proceeds from the entry fees and food went to St. Jude. It was fun to see so many people over the weekend working hard in various ways to support St. Jude!


Next stop was Minier for the annual “Corn Daze” festival! Who knew corn on the cob could taste that good! We attended the community church service, enjoyed great food, saw some great talent on the stage, went to the car show, watched a mini rod pull, and did I mention we ate A LOT of food?  I even took my lovely bride on horse drawn carriage ride. Just look how excited she was in the picture below!


Haha! Actually I snapped this right when the horses took off and jolted us pretty good. We started laughing so hard and I just about dropped the phone! I have to tell you, we love small town festivals. It is so fun to see a community come together, take pride in what they do, and are so welcoming to people who visit their town.


I want to thank the wonderful citizens of Miner for making us feel so welcome and for your support! I want to thank the Police Officers in Minier for their work during the festival and always being present in the background to make sure everyone is safe. We look forward to coming back to the Corn Daze next year!


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