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I hear from people all the time that say “I did not know those things about you until I read your blog”.  As a candidate for Sheriff, one of the things that I have spoke a lot about is Transparency. So, I have found it to be refreshing to let you know about me more on a personal level. I have committed this blog to talking about past experiences, funny stories, and just life in general. I am a normal guy with a willingness to serve, and a vision for the Sheriff’s Office. So, this week I thought I would touch on some Volunteer Service  I have been involved with.

First of all, I must say that I really appreciate folks in smaller communities who step up to serve their communities through volunteer work as a Fireman or Ambulance personnel. For many years I lived in Tremont which is an amazing community full of great hard working people who truly care about their neighbors. I had the privilege of working with “Tremont Rescue 702” which is the private ambulance service in town. I served as an ambulance driver for many years and really enjoyed it. Many of these men and women take “on call” times which they must stay in the village and be ready when the pager goes off. This means being able to leave work or home in a moments notice and go help people in the community that need them. The same is true for the Fireman who must train and spend a lot of time preparing, keeping the trucks ready, and raising money to keep the department up to date with important and needed equipment.


I definitely have my share of funny stories from my days helping the ambulance service including getting the ambulance stuck in the snow and getting out and digging snow away from the tires with a oxygen face mask (only thing I had) to try and get the ambulance unstuck.

If you serve as a volunteer…Thank you for your service! If you live in a small community, please consider joining your local ambulance or Fire Department. It is something you will really enjoy, and you will be doing a tremendous service to your community.

While I have your attention, we have our next Coffee planned for this next Saturday (July 22nd from 9am to 10:30am at Mauries in Pekin. We have been holding theses in communities across the county and have really enjoyed meeting people who stop by and say hi. I hope that you will consider stopping in to say hi this coming Saturday!

Mauries Coffee

Don’t forget to stop by our  website where you can go to write an endorsement, sign up to volunteer, or even donate to our campaign! (www.eetenforsheriff.com) Thank you for your support and for believing in me!

Mike Eeten



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