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My Proposal to Courtney

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This week I want to tell you how I proposed to my wife Courtney in 2013.  Courtney is the Court Administrator for the Tazewell County Courthouse. She works closely with the Judges and works hard to keep everything running smoothly. Well, I decided to pull off a trial that she did not know about, and greatly surprise her! It all happened during our lunch hour and many people joined in the fun!

I got in touch with Judge Gilfillan and told him about my idea to put Courtney on trial for theft. She would be accused of stealing my heart. (I know it sounds a little cheesy…stay with me). My good friend Luke Taylor agreed to be the attorney presenting the case. The jury box was filled with our parents, family, and friends. The courtroom was full of people wanting to see how this trial turned out!

I had lined up a good friend who is a Tazewell Deputy to bring Courtney into the court room where we all waited. As you can imagine, she was shocked! Courtney could not figure out why I was sitting in the courtroom with an attorney. Then she focused in on the jury box filled with family and friends.

Courtney was seated in the witness box. The bailiff announced “ALL RISE” as the Judge entered the courtroom. Opening remarks began as Attorney Taylor explained to the Judge that Courtney was on trial for stealing my heart. Attorney Taylor began to present evidence to the Judge and Jury which proved this.

Attorney Taylor showed pictures of Courtney and I together, a letter expressing my love for Courtney read by a fellow police Officer, and video evidence was presented from the three boys expressing their love for their soon to be step mother.

It did not take long for the jury to come up with a verdict which was read by Courtney’s mother Nancy.  Nancy said that the evidence was overwhelming and she was guilty. The Judge sentenced Courtney to a long life of happiness with the one who she stole the heart of.

It was my turn for remarks. I went to the witness box and told Courtney how much I loved her and how much she meant to the boys and I. Courtney always has a smile on her face, and has been my best friend, and the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I presented Courtney with a ring and asked her to marry me, and she said Yes! (Thank goodness…that would have been embarrassing!)


Courtney and I met in the Courthouse, and I felt that it would be appropriate if I asked her to marry me there! This was an amazing day, and I will never forget this day and our friends and family who chose to be a part of this special moment.


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