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The dirty “P” word….

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I must say that I never dreamed that I would enter into the world of politics. Why does the word “politic” seem like a dirty word? Why if I say that word “politician” do you sometimes think of a sleazy guy with slicked back hair and a cheesy smile, and definitely someone you can NOT trust?

Well…I certainly get it because in our society we have been bombarded with “Dirty politicians” over the years in our local, state, and federal Government who are unethical, immoral, and often do things illegal to further their agenda or for personal gain. I have talked with many people who have considered running for office whether it be City Council, their local school board, or mayor of their community. The comment I hear over and over again is that they would love to serve their community, but they do not want to be beat up by dirty politics and for trying to do the right thing. I can also certainly understand that!

BUT….what if more good people ran for office who really cared about their community and the people that reside there. What if we had men and women with integrity step up and make a difference. What if those that are self seeking, dishonest, and downright evil were ran out of office and replaced with good? What if more people took a stand for what they truly believe in? Is that a naive thought?

I don’t think it is. I am proud to run for Sheriff of Tazewell County. I  certainly have experienced some dirty politics over the past couple of months, but that does not change my passion and vision for this Office. I want to encourage those that read this to consider getting involved in some way whether it be your local park district board, school board, or perhaps something even bigger. We need good people that will step forward, not be afraid, and stand for what is right and for the future of our communities.


Over the years I have faced  heartaches and challenges. I have always claimed Philippians 4:13 ” I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me the strength”. There are days when things seem unfair, there are days in our lives that get us down, there are even people that will be dishonest and play dirty because they lack the knowledge to do anything else, but have COURAGE and do something amazing! Be a friend, be an encouragement to someone that really needs you, and always build someone up instead of tearing them down. Work to bring people together, Stand with Integrity, and provide Leadership through Influence. That is the message of our campaign!

I appreciate you and your support! Thank you for believing in me.





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