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Mother’s Day

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I want to take a minute to thank all moms, step moms, grandmothers, and mother figures everywhere who work hard every day. These women show love by taking care of the people who they love.

My wife Courtney is an amazing woman and a great mother to our 3 boys. Courtney is the Step mom to Seth, Isaiah, and Jonah, but those are her boys. She is very protective of them, and her heart is full of love for the boys. It makes me happy to see how the boys still sit on her lap and tell her about their day, their struggles, and watch her sometimes wipe their tears from their face and offer them words of encouragement and support that a loving mother would do. Each one of the boys have a special thing that they love to do with her whether it is to bake with her, play a  game, or just some snuggle time on the couch watching a show. Courtney came in to our life with both feet…no hesitation…all in.

I have chosen to not plaster my campaign sites with pictures of the boys to protect them due to their young ages, otherwise I would proudly post one in this post. I am proud of Mother’s everywhere and hope that today you are able to enjoy time with your families and the ones you love the most!


Happy Mother’s Day!



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