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As you can imagine, I have received A LOT of advice from people about running this campaign. Some of it has been really good, and some of it is “Old School Politics”. One of the best pieces of advice I have received came from my beautiful wife who said “Just be yourself.” I have had people tell me to dig up as much dirt on my opponent as possible and really get it out there. Well…that is definitely not me! I even had a person tell me that if I don’t attack my opponent personally, I will never win.

I was raised to always look for the best in people, be kind, respectful, and never walk on someone to get ahead. As a Police Officer, I have had to be firm, make tough decisions, and many times arrest people for things they have done. However, even after arresting someone, I have had the opportunity to see the person for who they really are. Many times it is a broken, insecure person looking for validation and their place in the world. Not everyone that is arrested is a bad person, just someone that made some bad decisions. As a Police Officer, I have found the greatest satisfaction to be able to encourage that person to see their worth and their mistakes and strive to be better.

Be yourself

Be yourself…who is that? For me it is a person who is extremely compassionate but firm, a hard worker, a problem solver, a family man, a loyal friend, and I am very passionate about the things I believe in. I believe in this run for Sheriff, I believe in the men and women who faithfully serve in the Sheriff’s Office.

I have been a business owner for 16 years with the great responsibility of having employees. When things were good, I went out of my way to reward them. When times were lean, that meant a cut in my pay, not theirs. I believe in taking care of people, showing them respect, and leading by example. I’m certainly not perfect, but I am committed to being a man of integrity, and respect for others. I served at a church several years back, and their church statement was “Love God, Love People.” It’s that simple.

In order for me to lead, I can not and will not attack my opponent. I have a vision for the Sheriff’s Office and will continue to look ahead and hope that you will stand with me. Thank you for your support, and for believing in me!


Mike Eeten







  1. Kay L Miars says:

    The most admire character in a person is INTEGRITY.

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  2. Larry W Barker says:

    You’ve had my vote from day one. I like your ethics and compassion.

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  3. Larry W Barker says:

    I would be happy to have one of your campaign signs in our yard.

    1329 Veerman St.
    Pekin, IL

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  4. Lori says:

    Mike… this is a big reason why Bryce and I support you. Although we can’t always agree with every single decision a person makes, the intentions behind the decisions is very important. When you do things, I feel like we can truely see your intentions. There are many things that you have given Bryce a different perspective on. I see the changes that a different perspective can make. I believe you can make positive changes in Tazewell county with your fresh perspectives. It’s what our community needs!

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