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With today being Easter, I thought I would share more about my family. I have shared about Courtney and the boys, so I thought I would tell you more about the family that I grew up with. I was raised in East Peoria and went to East Peoria schools. I was raised in the house where my parents still live. My Dad and Mom (Tom & Brenda) raised us in a Christian home and were (and still are) the two best parents I could ever imagine having. Mom and Dad always made sure that we were in church every week, were respectful, and always said Yes maam, yes sir, and so on. We were what people would consider a middle class family. We were very thankful for what we had, and my parents always taught us that we had to work for the things that we wanted.

I have a younger brother named Jason who is married to Katie with two kids. They live in Wisconsin where my brother has served as a Youth Pastor for many years. My brother and I were best friends growing up. We loved to pretend our bikes were police motorcycles and pull over other kids in the neighborhood. We loved to play in the woods and just be typical boys.

I have an older sister named Lorrie Venzon. Lorrie is married to Scott who is a Peoria Fireman and has 6 kids. Lorrie has been a paramedic for as long as I can remember and both her and Scott are dedicated to Public Service.

My Father is a man that I deeply respect. Dad has always taught us to stand up for what is right no matter the cost. There have been a couple times growing up that I can remember that being true in his life. He is a very gentle, caring man who loves his family and loves God.

My Mother is an amazing woman who is always ready to help and spring into action when needed. Mom has always been active in our church, youth group, and always made sure she was there when we needed her. Mom is a prayer warrior, and one who is deeply grounded in her Faith. Mom is not afraid to share her faith and her love for God.

I am truly blessed to have been given a tremendous family. A family that I know always has my back, always prays for me, and always is encouraging. Over the years, I have been through some difficult times, but I had an amazing family to pull me through!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about me. I hope that you have an amazing day with your family! Happy Easter!



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