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Anyone who knows me would have a hard time believing that I was an EXTREMELY shy boy when I was younger. I was so shy that I could not talk to people. I would feel sick to my stomach if someone approached me and talked with me, or I had to speak with them. I was fine once I got to know them, but making that first step was hard for me. The thought of public speaking scared me to death!


When I was 16, I became a radio announcer at WCIC 91.5FM. Being a radio announcer was great because I was able to talk with thousands of people and it was just me in the room and a microphone. As I gained more and more experience as a radio announcer, I started making public appearances for the station and becoming more comfortable.


As time went on, I became a youth Pastor and not only spoke in front of kids, but would speak in front of my church on several occasions. I went on to own my own business for many years which would put me in front of strangers every day not only making sales, but leading, directing, and encouraging my employees.


I went on to be a Police Officer and then to a special assignment as the Public Information Officer for the Department. This put me not only in front of people, but news cameras, reporters, and microphones. I did a lot of public speaking to various groups and demographics.

I must say that I have come a long way since I was that trembling little boy that was afraid to speak or be spoken to. People ask me how did I become a radio announcer at the age of 16. I believe it is because God had a plan for my life. God gave me a voice and a heart to serve people. That voice has been developed over the years, and now I am taking that to a different level with my run for Sheriff.


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    An incredible story! I’m proud to know him. #eetenforsheriff #MikeEeten


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