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  Coffee Shop Tour Announcement

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Coffee is an excellent beverage. Tazewell County is an excellent place with excellent people. The two go well together. Coffee has long been associated with community. It unites people with its long-lauded ability to restore people’s energy in the morning hours.



Mike met citizens in Tremont on 03/11/2017

Law Enforcement Officer Mike Eeten began a series of coffee shop meet and greets. These places include coffehouses, cafes, and gas stations where you see coffee is where you will see your candidate for Tazewell County Sheriff Mike Eeten. Yesterday on March 11, 2017 at Eli’s of Tremont was where this tour began.


Mike met and was reintroduced to citizens of the county while visiting Eli’s of Tremont. He heard their concerns, their own stories and discovered many commonalities. Two of these commonalities are of note. First, they realize Tazewell County is a great place to make a home, and they also realize that they can make Tazewell County an even better place by enhancing its sheriff’s office by electing Mike as their Sheriff.


Whether you enjoy Americanos or Lattes, Cappuccinos, or just old plain old Joe, you can have an opportunity to have a conversation with Mike at a coffee shop within Tazewell County. Stops will be announced on the Twitter account @eetenforsheriff and the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/eetenforsheriff/

By Brandon C. Hovey




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