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Why I support Ambucs

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I spoke to the Pekin Ambucs a few times in my role at the Police Department, and every time was very impressed with this group! The Pekin Ambucs group meets every Tuesday night at the Pekin Country Club. They meet for dinner, and have a business meeting. Before the meeting every week, a member of the group goes to Pekin Hospital to hand out “Good Bears” to the kids who are admitted on the Pediatric floor at the Pekin Hospital. I was very impressed by the men in this group who work very hard, but also know how to have fun, laugh, and really support each other.

The Pekin Ambucs builds trikes that are specially made for children with disabilities. Each trike is built by the group and goes to a special boy or girl who smiles from ear to ear when received.  There are many civic groups that are very important and serve a very important purpose, but I knew that Ambucs was for me! I joined and not only gained some great friends, but have enjoyed having project nights where we assemble these very special trikes that even have a special license plate with the child’s name on it.

Each year, this group of men travels around the area picking up donated items for the Annual Ambucs Auction event that is held at the Pekin Park District Arena. We travel around in donated box trucks picking up small items to very large furniture items that are donated. These items are sold at our auction, and all of the proceeds supports local programs and allows us to purchase our good bears and trikes for our young friends. This past Thursday night, we held our kickoff auction. This is a smaller scale dinner and auction where we name our auction chairman and have a  silent and live auction. We raised over $4,000 and are well on our way this year!

Being a part of Ambucs has been very rewarding for me! Our auction is coming up on Saturday, May 5th at the Pekin Park District Arena. I hope that you will consider stopping by and supporting this very important group who strives to make a difference in children’s lives!




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