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The Loves of my life

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img_1297With today being Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share more about the loves of my life. My wife Courtney is my best friend, my biggest fan, and my someone who I can be my goofball self completely unfiltered. I met Courtney during a very difficult trial in which I was testifying. I was the victim this time. I was involved in a bad fight as a Police Officer in which a guy tried to kill me. (I’ll tell you that story in another post) This was a difficult trial as I had to relive a horrible experience and just wanted it to be over with. All of a sudden, this beautiful girl with the most amazing smile appeared and asked how I was doing. We began to talk about life, interests, etc. I found out that she was the Court Administrator at the Courthouse. We began to talk more and more and eventually went on our first date. We laughed for hours as we told stories and life experiences. We were married and have continued to have some amazing times together as we grow together and in our faith.

Our three boys are also my loves. They are Seth (12), Isaiah (11), and Jonah (9). I am so proud of these boys, and excited to see their love for their family and for God. They have their brother moments where they will wrestle and fight, but they are best friends. Jonah loves sports and plays basketball. Isaiah is in the band, and loves to tell jokes. He has done several stand up routines for the school talent show and for the Tremont Turkey Festival Pageant. Seth loves to run cross country. (This he most certainly did not get from me!) Seth is a very compassionate and caring young man who has a huge heart, and wants to help people and animals. Seth is looking forward to getting a little bit older so he can volunteer at TAPS. He loves dogs, and wants to open a pet daycare someday.

Our family could not be complete without our two dogs. The brown dog on the left is Killarney. He came from TAPS, and thinks he should be on your lap ALL THE TIME. He is easily offended if you don’t let him sit with you. Killarney also has a broken licker. Or maybe I should say a malfunction in his brain. He does not stop licking. We love him, even with his broken licker. Joni is the white and black dog which also came from TAPS. She is really Seth’s dog. She spends a lot of time in Seth’s room and she listens to him tell her about school, and what is going on in his life.

I am blessed to have an amazing family. We are just like every family though. We have our share of laughs, disappointments, and trials, but we are blessed and very thankful for what we have. I have chosen not to post pictures of the boys on my election pages. This is to protect them from some mean spirited people who have surfaced during this race. I am very proud of them and they were a big part in my decision are very excited about my campaign.  They will play a big role in our campaign, however they will not be pictured on our social media pages.

I am excited to share more stories about my life and family as we move forward. We hope that you and your family have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mike Eeten




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