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This is very exciting because this is my first blog. I am really thrilled about this blog because I am get to share more information about who I am as a person. I must say, that this blog was an idea  presented to me by a supporter and after listening to him tell me why he thought I should have a blog, I was sold.

I thought I would talk about how I got in to law enforcement. I have always wanted to be a Police Officer my entire life. When I was very young, my Dad and  I were in the car and driving on Springfield Road. We were headed south and just past Broadway. A car drove in to our lane hitting our car. We were both unharmed, but the car was badly damaged. I was a shy little boy who usually never spoke to anyone, but on that day I was mad. My 5 year old self was going to really teach this guy a lesson. I began to yell at this man saying “look what you did to my dad’s car!”. My dad laughs now as he tells the story of how he had to pick me up because I was so upset. I remember seeing the Police Officers and Fireman show up to the accident. They helped everyone involved, directed traffic, and were very kind in that traumatic moment for me. I will never forget that day, because it was the moment that I wanted to be a Police Officer. That desire never faded as I grew older, in fact it only got stronger.

My brother and I would pretend that our bicycles were police motorcycles and pull imaginary people over. Sometimes we would try to pull other bicyclist over and they would not stop. That was even better because we considered that a Police Chase!  As a matter of a fact, we even had little police sirens with a mic on it. We really thought we were the real deal! I can’t even imagine how annoying we were to the people in our neighborhood!

As time went on, other opportunities came up, but my first love was to be a Police Officer. My life took me other places including being a Pastor, and starting my own company. (We will save those stories for another blog entry!) In 2006, after being solely in the private sector, it was time to enter public service. I became a Police Officer and the day I was swore in, I was more proud of that moment, than any other business accomplishment I had ever had!  I have had many challenges along the way, some near death experiences, and some downright discouraging moments. I have had my heart ripped out watching a child die, watching people overdose and die with a needle still in their arm, watching families fall apart, kids abused, and the elderly taken advantage of. Yet, through all of that…I keep going. I go to work and serve proudly even when I turn on the news and watch the false narrative spin about how Police Officers are killing innocent citizens, and I watch as people ambush our Officers and spit in our faces. Why do I keep doing this? Law Enforcement is my passion, it is my calling, and I believe that God has placed me here to be an encouragement to others, a smile for those discouraged, and a servant to do good in my community.

I want to be the Sheriff because I want to lead the Office in a new direction. Together with the men and women already in place, we will lead and tackle the issues that are so important to the citizens of the county. Not only will we continue to work on addiction issues that are killing our young people, but mental health issues and the lack of support and help for those struggling. These are issues that directly effect us as Police Officers.  These issues certainly won’t be fixed overnight, but we can start with conversations, and form groups of people to work toward solutions for the problems we experience in Tazewell County.

I could not write my first blog and not talk about Courtney. Courtney is my wife, my best friend, and my biggest supporter. Courtney challenges me every day to be a better man, husband, and father. Courtney has a million dollar smile that always reassures me that everything will be ok. Through the dirty politics and games that we have seen already, Courtney is my support! Before work every day, Courtney and I pray for my opponent, family, friends, and those that we encounter daily. We pray that we can be a blessing to someone in some way!  This campaign has brought us even closer together and stronger than ever! Thank you for believing in me, and for your support!


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